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Saturday, October 31

Elle The Elephant - NOT FOR SALE

This is the second elephant I've created. The first was Lenard the blue elephant. Elle is made from dark gray fleece. Since her angles were small and tight I had to hand sew from her head, down her trunk, into her mouth. Her good eye is made with layered vintage buttons.

My husband has decided that we will keep her. It may be awhile until I can make one that will be for sale.

Elle measures over 18" from the wall, over 13" tall, and over 16" wide.

If you are interested in seeing my plush that are for sale. Check out my Etsy Shop


Holly said...

Grrrr, too bad she is not for sale, 'cause she is amazing! You get better and better with every plush you make. Keep up the good work! :)

PS: You may just have a little surprise coming from me in the mail this week. Hehehe....keep an eye on your mailbox. :D

ArtTales said...

You punk :p I told you not to send me anything! hehe I wonder what it is. :D

I still have to prepare for my craft show. I have the interview at the Goggle Works this week, and xmas presents to do. So If I get some spare time I will try to make one that's for sale.

PonderandStitch said...

That is so cool!! Great job. :)

ArtTales said...

Thanks so much :) I have more LEFTZ that I need to post if my camera would be nice to me and work..

Holly said...

Now come KNOW I had to send you something for being so awesome. :) I hope you like it...I know you will...hehe. Ooooh I can't wait to get my Honey bunny! :P hahaha.

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