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Saturday, February 27


Check out this awesome tote! My good friend Kellie hooked me up with this from Thirty-One Gifts It is absolutely perfect, with tons of storage and of course the personalized embroidery sets it over the edge! It's big enough for my sewing machine, laptop, or whatever and will be a great tool for LEFTZ on the go :) Thanks Kellie!

While I was typing, Figgs decided that he wanted to be a model. So Here is his adorable shot. He either wants to be a LEFTZ or just knows that he is super cute ;)

It's been a long day in the land of LEFTZ! So this guy will have to wait until tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow will be filled with more sewing and possibly chocolate!

Friday, February 26


Just a quick note to let everyone know that you can find my interview in the March Issue of Craft Leftovers Magazine! A monthly craft zine all about using up your craft leftovers and living life creatively.

Pick up your copy at the Craft Leftovers Etsy Shop or

Thanks Kristin!

Thursday, February 25


Walter was created before Christmas and posted as not for sale. Finally, I have been able to convince my husband to part with him. His empty space on our bookcase is just enough reason to create something else fun and fuzzy!

Walter and Lil Hoot are now available in my Etsy Shop

I had stated previously that I wouldn't be making anymore owls for awhile. Lil Hoot has been sitting on my desk for weeks, and all he needed were feet. So today I gave him a bottom and feet! Now he is ready to fly off and into your heart ;)


Meet Jack better known as "Ash" He's a fleece plush that likes to take long walks on the beach, enjoys red wine... Actually he is my newest plush that was created around the name. My husband enjoys making up cute words that sound like potty words. Which is great until you say them around my mother. So for fun sakes, Jack "Ash" was born :)


Meet Brooke from SoSheSews

I chose this Eco Etsy Artist because of her wonderful designs, reuse of my favorite object: plastic bags, and other recycled materials! Brooke was kind enough to sit down and answer some fun and insightful questions, so that we can
meet the person behind the art.

Tell us how you start your day.
I always wake up so hungry so I always have to start with breakfast! It's so strange to admit this, but I always eat the same thing for breakfast. For nearly a year now, I have had three or four fried eggs (over-medium) with black coffee. My husband is a professional barista and we make great coffee. Currently we're brewing using the Chemex pour-over method. After breakfast, I will get dressed and/or freshen up and then go into my studio (which is the 2nd bedroom in our home which I use exclusively for SoSheSews). By this time I will have already checked my e-mail via my phone so usually I will just jump into whatever needs my attention first.

Where did you grow up and where do you live now?
I grew up in Augusta, Georgia and now I live in Atlanta, Georgia. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. About a three hour drive to be exact...haha!

Tell us about how you got started in your art/craft?
Well, my mother taught me to sew when I was really little. I was a late-in-life child and unlike my peers, my parents were of the age where making my sibling's clothing was the norm. But I discovered a video online about three years ago on how to fuse plastic bags, and I was immediately hooked. At first, I just wanted to do a little "crafting" and see what I could do. But I quickly got the hang of it, and wanted to sell my creations.

What inspires you?
Practically speaking, I am inspired by the scruples by which I was raised...never to waste anything, always to be thankful for what you have, to seek out the best deal, and never to be ashamed for buying second-hand. Essentially, doing eco-friendly crafts was a no-brainer for me. Creatively I think I'm mostly inspired by the uber cute things- animals with big eyes, children, delightful color combinations.

What would your perfect day be like?
I'm probably only saying this because I haven't gotten to do this in a while... but I absolutely LOVE to go thrift shopping. My perfect day would consist of a decent amount of money to spend, a couple of great friends to come with and hours and hours of only the best thrift stores in the Atlanta area. Followed, of course, by a delightful Mexican dinner and a round of margaritas. Then, the hubbie and I would hit the town in search of a place to dance to new wave music. We would dance until our feet were sore, and then hurry home before we both turn into pumpkins.

If you had to choose another medium, what would it be?
Originally in life, I was being groomed to be an actress. For reals. Now I know it isn't crafting, but it is an art! Some days, I wonder what my life would be like if I were rushing to auditions and memorizing scripts. I think I still "have it in me" to act some day.

How is your art/craft Eco friendly?
Well, I try to use as many re-purposed materials as possible with all my creations. Mainly, I work with fused plastic. Fusing plastic involves taking plastic bags and heating them layer by layer (until all the layers stick together) to form one strong, durable material that is similar to faux leather.

What makes where you live special?
Well, I think I like Atlanta because it's not too big or too small. It has all the perks of being a big city without the pitfalls that some big cities bring. As a young, indie designer it's important to me that I not only have a "market" but that I'm also not just blending in with all the other cool, indie designers.

Do you have a studio/workspace outside of your home?
Nope. I work in the other bedroom. The space is all for me and I LOVE it! I used to have just a teeny tiny corner of a teeny tiny bedroom. Now I have a whole room! It's great!

What's the one thing you can't live without?
Gosh... a computer! So much of what I do depends on the computer. I just can't imagine functioning or making money without it. It's so weird to be so dependent on technology, especially when eco-friendliness is generally touted to be the anti-thesis of the techni world. A lady at a craft fair and I were engaged in a conversation about eco-practices. I was going nicely but then I pulled out my iphone to check the time. "tsk, tsk" she said, "I'm a naturalist. I just really think rejecting technology is the only way to get closer to mother earth." I imagine my inner hippie, who's having a grand old time in nature shaking her head in disgust at me and saying "How dare you forsake your mother earth with the abomination which is your addiction to that plastic circuit board with internet!"... haha! But to be honest, I am not ashamed! I think interactive technology is the new frontier of not only the eco-world but everything! I've learned so much, been able to share so much, and accomplished so much thanks to this piece of plastic. I'm crazy thankful for it, and whenever it dies I'll be recycling it properly.

Extra: Tell us a random fact about yourself!
I have a collection of VHS tapes. They're only $2 at most thrift stores, and I love hunting to see which great old flicks I don't already have. I have literally hundreds of them.

ETSY SoSheSews & WhatSheKnows

Tuesday, February 23


This lovely Peacock in Bloom is now available. It's a limited edition plush and probably will not be remade.

Off to work on my Zombie Armadillo :)


A quick note about my owls, an introduction of Jerry the plush owl, and what I received from Etsy today!

Meet Jerry - named after my Father.. he does kind of look like him ;) minus the feathers. Anyway this owl will be the last of his kind for awhile. I love making them but variety is the spice of life right? Today has been productive and I think I will continue that attitude at least for a little bit longer.

Also, two items arrrived for me in the mail today :D My lovely upcycled pillowcase pouch - from Folk
And this adorable card, which I'm going to frame - from tylersworkshop

Off to see why my twitter feed is going crazy and to figure out what I'm sewing next!

Monday, February 22


Meet Barry! He is the final owl I will be creating today. It's almost tomorrow!

Enjoy :)


Lizzy and Lynn are part of my new Spring collection. Although there is another bad snow storm coming my way, I plan to pretend its warm outside. Maybe if I try hard enough, eventually it will happen..

Sunday, February 21


Sometimes I wonder if the previous owner of the clothes I use for plush, knew that one day it would become a cat.. probably not.

With each piece of fabric, blanket, clothing I find, it springs my imagination into action. It doesn't just stop with fabric. In my studio remodel I took shelving meant for shoes and used them to store my plush.

The first cat Fred were my husband's pants in his former life. Texture is a plus when I'm looking for material and color usually is a close second. Fran was also picked up as a pair of pants. She was found at the Salvation Army and I just love how soft she is.

Below is Skip I found his material at a salvage shop. The owner was in the process of refurnishing her chair and was just going to throw away the material. She was more than happy to let me put it to good use and I'm really excited that she did!

Repurpose anything and everything, just make sure you ask your significant other first! (I swear he said I could use his old pants..) And find other upcycled plush in my Etsy Shop

If you could change the meaning of an object around you, would you?

Wednesday, February 17


How absolutely great are these? Handmade from my great friend Pikithins Not only does this great artist make cards and jewelry but her needle wallets are super creative.

Thanks again for these lovely prints! They will be framed and hung in my studio. What a perfect way to be inspired.


What an honor to have my Treasury chosen for the front page on Etsy - Thanks to the Etsy Front Pagers for grabbing a great screenshot!

In all honesty, I put it together in rapid speed but apparently all the items played well together and got sent to the top of the class. Congrats to everyone!

Artists featured in this Treasury:


Monday, February 15


The whole tribe has gathered to view this thing called fire. The tribal drum rang throughout the land and all were happy.

This photo was only possible because my fuzzy monster was sleeping :)


My newest tribal plush needed an accessory that popped and sizzled.

The whole tribe is happy with the addition, and plan on creating a huge feast.

Sunday, February 14


My lovely and very productive studio

Above is my main cutting table. The table is 8ft long and features 24 cubes for open storage of my material. The setup on top of my cutting table, holds my cotton fabrics and tiny scraps.

The desk above has several functional uses. This table is lower than my cutting table and is the perfect height for sewing. The cabinets hold my lovely button containers, uncut clothes for plush making, and my printer.

The open shelving on the end is where all my plush take a break on a way to their next home.

My shipping table (and second cutting table) holds all of my shipping supplies, and plush that are on reserve or being held for my monthly giveaway

I purchased this lovely dresser at an auction for $25. My favorite feature are the lovely claw feet. The aged look of the dresser is the perfect backdrop for my photos. As always, Figgs has to be right in the spotlight (literally) My 10 bendy lamps are supplied with daylight bulbs and if I use them enough, I might get a tan ;)

Until I can figure out the decor for the room, it will remain a blank slate. The leaves hanging above my sewing machine were made by me with ribbon and felt. Finally my funky pincushion. That is Charles, one of the originally LEFTZ I created. He is filled with rice and sometimes I wonder if he is bothered by all the pins sticking in him.

My studio has made me feel more creative and I enjoy being in it even more. My studio consist solely of ClosetMaid Cabinets, bought at Lowe's. With all the shapes and sizes, you can really have fun building the exact space you want. My studio cost a little over $300 to create and I think, for my sanity, it was worth every penny.

Along with the studio makeover, I've given my blog a makeover too. I hope you enjoy both!

Saturday, February 13


Meet Andrea from Spinup Yarns

I chose this Eco Etsy Artist because of her wonderful vegan
and renewable creations. Andrea was kind enough to sit down
and answer some fun and insightful questions, so that we can
meet the person behind the art.

Tell us how you start your day:
First coffee, and then Sesame Street with my two boys (one is 4 years old, the other is 20 months)

Where did you grow up and where do you live now?

I grew up in southern Minnesota and now live in Flagstaff Arizona.

Tell us about how you got started in your art/craft?

I've dabbled in lots of crafts...knitting, crochet, soap making, sewing, but was never able to stick to anything. As soon as I discovered this thing called yarn spinning I was obsessed. It now feels like something that had no beginning, like I've always done it. I think its in my blood.

What inspires you?

I'm hugely inspired by the fact that my yarn itself is part of a collaboration, and I'm only half of it. I make yarn so that other people can turn it into their own art. It's something that comes from my head, through my hands, and then is passed on to another artist with an idea that comes from their head, through their hands, and into the same yarn. I never know what my yarn is going to become, and those limitless possibilities keep me trying new things every day.

What would your perfect day be like?
Sunshine, happy and well behaved kids, and lots of spinning. Then at night, TV with hubby, a nice cocktail, and more spinning.

If you had to choose another medium, what would it be?

Wet felting. I love looking at all the wet felted goods on etsy. Amazing stuff.

How is your art/craft Eco friendly?

I decided late last year to make a few changes in my shop. I've shifted my focus a bit to more vegan yarns (about 50% of my yarns are now vegan), and try to buy small farm wools on etsy and locally that I wash and process myself. I think most of the goods on etsy are eco friendly because they're not factory made. But I hope to do my part by supporting small farms when I can and offering a wide variety of animal free fibers.

What makes where you live special?

In Flagstaff we live at an altitude of nearly 7000 feet, and the increase in lung capacity from living here makes me feel like a super hero at sea level. ;)

Do you have a stuido/workspace outside of your home?
Nope, I am a stay at home Mom with a tiny nook converted to a studio. It's about 70 square feet and is usually overflowing with fiber, cats, and kids.

What's the one thing you can't live without?

My family. If that doesn't count as a thing...then my spinning wheel of course!

Tell us a random fact about yourself!
Even though I'm 32 I still talk to my parents nearly every day.

ETSY: Spinup
TWITTER: spinupyarns

If you know of a local or online eco artist that you would love to see reviewed, please contact me via any of the quick links on the right -> or by leaving a comment. I can't promise I will get to everyone's request but I will try!


My husband brought me 3 roses for the 3 years we have been together. Time sure does fly :) I put them in my favorite ceramic pitcher, I found in a dollar store in MI.

Have a great Valentine's Day!


He's as cute as a button, well maybe 3, and he can't reach the microwave but my husband is more than willing to give him a hand.

Mikey was originally going to be listed in my Etsy Shop but my husband decided that he would steal him, stick him in his pocket, and run around the house making dino noises. (I'm not kidding. I should have had a video camera.)

I actually expected Mikey to be harder to sew, since he is small, but it was pretty simple. Plus I think he is extra adorable sitting in my hand :) We've decided to keep him away from the Tribals so they don't attack him with spears.

Enjoy your day :)

Friday, February 12


New members of the tribe!
I think the baby looks like a butternut squash ;)
See the whole tribe in my Etsy Shop

Eco Artist Spotlight: Subodh Gupta

Today's spotlight Eco-Artist is Subodh Gupta. He is an Indian artist
based out of New Dehli that uses everyday items commonly found in his homeland
to create some pretty amazing sculptures.

Initially trained as a painter, I'd
like to think his attempts at branching off into other media are a great success.
An active artist since 1996, he has been featured in over 63 exibitions, 21 of
them solo.

As a devout Hindu and very much integrated into Indian culture,
he tries to reflect how things have changed even throughout his life and the
religious customs and traditions he practices into his artwork.

For more information on this artist, visit his Wikipedia page.

If you know of a local or online eco artist that you would love to see reviewed, please contact me via any of the quick links on the right -> or by leaving a comment. I can't promise I will get to everyone's request but I will try!

Thursday, February 11

Tribal - Digital Art

Fresh from the drawing board.. I mean mouse...

This is the first in a set of digital art I plan on creating.
I'm going to print this little guy out and frame him
for my studio :) Unless interest is shown, I probably
will not be offering him in my shop.

Have a good one and stay warm!
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