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Thursday, February 25


Meet Brooke from SoSheSews

I chose this Eco Etsy Artist because of her wonderful designs, reuse of my favorite object: plastic bags, and other recycled materials! Brooke was kind enough to sit down and answer some fun and insightful questions, so that we can
meet the person behind the art.

Tell us how you start your day.
I always wake up so hungry so I always have to start with breakfast! It's so strange to admit this, but I always eat the same thing for breakfast. For nearly a year now, I have had three or four fried eggs (over-medium) with black coffee. My husband is a professional barista and we make great coffee. Currently we're brewing using the Chemex pour-over method. After breakfast, I will get dressed and/or freshen up and then go into my studio (which is the 2nd bedroom in our home which I use exclusively for SoSheSews). By this time I will have already checked my e-mail via my phone so usually I will just jump into whatever needs my attention first.

Where did you grow up and where do you live now?
I grew up in Augusta, Georgia and now I live in Atlanta, Georgia. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. About a three hour drive to be exact...haha!

Tell us about how you got started in your art/craft?
Well, my mother taught me to sew when I was really little. I was a late-in-life child and unlike my peers, my parents were of the age where making my sibling's clothing was the norm. But I discovered a video online about three years ago on how to fuse plastic bags, and I was immediately hooked. At first, I just wanted to do a little "crafting" and see what I could do. But I quickly got the hang of it, and wanted to sell my creations.

What inspires you?
Practically speaking, I am inspired by the scruples by which I was raised...never to waste anything, always to be thankful for what you have, to seek out the best deal, and never to be ashamed for buying second-hand. Essentially, doing eco-friendly crafts was a no-brainer for me. Creatively I think I'm mostly inspired by the uber cute things- animals with big eyes, children, delightful color combinations.

What would your perfect day be like?
I'm probably only saying this because I haven't gotten to do this in a while... but I absolutely LOVE to go thrift shopping. My perfect day would consist of a decent amount of money to spend, a couple of great friends to come with and hours and hours of only the best thrift stores in the Atlanta area. Followed, of course, by a delightful Mexican dinner and a round of margaritas. Then, the hubbie and I would hit the town in search of a place to dance to new wave music. We would dance until our feet were sore, and then hurry home before we both turn into pumpkins.

If you had to choose another medium, what would it be?
Originally in life, I was being groomed to be an actress. For reals. Now I know it isn't crafting, but it is an art! Some days, I wonder what my life would be like if I were rushing to auditions and memorizing scripts. I think I still "have it in me" to act some day.

How is your art/craft Eco friendly?
Well, I try to use as many re-purposed materials as possible with all my creations. Mainly, I work with fused plastic. Fusing plastic involves taking plastic bags and heating them layer by layer (until all the layers stick together) to form one strong, durable material that is similar to faux leather.

What makes where you live special?
Well, I think I like Atlanta because it's not too big or too small. It has all the perks of being a big city without the pitfalls that some big cities bring. As a young, indie designer it's important to me that I not only have a "market" but that I'm also not just blending in with all the other cool, indie designers.

Do you have a studio/workspace outside of your home?
Nope. I work in the other bedroom. The space is all for me and I LOVE it! I used to have just a teeny tiny corner of a teeny tiny bedroom. Now I have a whole room! It's great!

What's the one thing you can't live without?
Gosh... a computer! So much of what I do depends on the computer. I just can't imagine functioning or making money without it. It's so weird to be so dependent on technology, especially when eco-friendliness is generally touted to be the anti-thesis of the techni world. A lady at a craft fair and I were engaged in a conversation about eco-practices. I was going nicely but then I pulled out my iphone to check the time. "tsk, tsk" she said, "I'm a naturalist. I just really think rejecting technology is the only way to get closer to mother earth." I imagine my inner hippie, who's having a grand old time in nature shaking her head in disgust at me and saying "How dare you forsake your mother earth with the abomination which is your addiction to that plastic circuit board with internet!"... haha! But to be honest, I am not ashamed! I think interactive technology is the new frontier of not only the eco-world but everything! I've learned so much, been able to share so much, and accomplished so much thanks to this piece of plastic. I'm crazy thankful for it, and whenever it dies I'll be recycling it properly.

Extra: Tell us a random fact about yourself!
I have a collection of VHS tapes. They're only $2 at most thrift stores, and I love hunting to see which great old flicks I don't already have. I have literally hundreds of them.

ETSY SoSheSews & WhatSheKnows


Anonymous said...

Wow.....great feature for Brooke and I enjoyed reading it ;D

ArtTales said...

Brooke is such the Eco Artist! I really enjoyed reading her answers and chatting with her on twitter :)

I'm amazed at the adorable designs that she creates from fusing plastic bags. Of course I'm partial to using bags ;)

Sophine - Thanks for taking the time to get to know the artist behind SoSheSews!

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