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Thursday, December 31

Beeper Bebe Fellow Upcycled Artist

This fellow upcycled artist takes cute to the extreme! Here are just two of her adorable creations.

She makes use of a combo of new and reclaimed materials, ranging from wool to cashmere.

"This Bitty Birdie is an original Beeper Bebe design and is handmade from pure wool felt and all features are hand embroidered. It is made from a combo of new and reclaimed materials because here in the Beeper Bebe workshop, I like to find new uses for what is already out there to work with (for instance, her hat is made from the cuff of a sweater, her blankie from reclaimed fleece, etc)."

Bitty Bebe: "This bebe also happens to come to with everything a bitty bebe needs to get by (all except for your love, of course)--its own little turquoise wool hat, a little wool felt bunny, a red fleece blankie, a bib with a birdie applique, a comfy button tufted red polka dot mattress, a terry cloth diaper, AND a little bitty quilted box in a woodland patchwork print to put her to sleep in. Sweet as all get out, loves to play, perfect for holding in the palm of your hand, deserving of your unconditional love."

Artist Info:
WEB: BeeperBebe
BLOG: ChezBeeperBebe
LOCATION: Minneapolis

Ruby Red Treasury

Take a look at this beautiful treasury which includes Scooter the Secret Ninja Cat!

Comment on the Treasury

The link will only work for a few days. This gives everyone on Etsy a chance to create one!

Wednesday, December 30

Blog Issues

Just a quick note to those using IE:

It seems that some paragraphs and the bottom of the blog isn't showing up correctly. I noticed this yesterday while showing a friend the redesign. Unfortunately I can't fix it at the moment. The error IE is bringing up can't be adjusted on my end.

If you are using Google Chrome you won't have any problems viewing my blog the way it should be.

Sorry for the issue!

Thursday, December 24

Walter the Walrus - Not for Sale

Meet Walter!

I made this cute fellow today, while taking a break from the pre-Christmas excitement. As soon as he was finished my husband looked at me like a child looking at a puppy and asked "Can we keep him?"

...So Walter is not for sale and will has become our Christmas Walrus.

Once it gets a little warmer out maybe I'll make him a pair of shades ;) -- Walter is 21" long and his tusks are 4"

I hope everyone is enjoying the time with their family and friends! Don't forget to save some sugar for tomorrow ;)

Wednesday, December 23

100th Post & My Mixed Media Art

Hi all! I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. Things around our house have been a little crazy recently but I think everyone is finally in the Christmas spirit.

I was feeling very creative today so I ran to my painting supplies. Of course I had run out of everything! After a quick trip to the craft store, I setup my array of supplies and got to work. My husband wasn't surprised with the result. "Of course you'd paint LEFTZ" he said.

This is a 11"x14" mixed media art piece. I started by aging the canvas, with watered down paint. I hand sewed the fleece together and attached the LEFTZ to the canvas. After finding some beautiful scrap cotton prints, it all came together. This piece isn't for sale, but I'm considering making smaller ones that would be available in my Etsy shop.

Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, December 22

Luke the Giraffe

Meet Luke!

I had tons of fun making this guy.. and actually my husband sewed one of the feet! He was a little nervous at first, but he did very well :)

This guy actually started out, in my mind, as a camel. But as I continued to cut the fabric it became apparent that he would be a giraffe. I've only made one giraffe before (Stretch) but he was a bowling pin LEFTZ and had no legs.

I knew that I wanted to give him overly rounded traits to help him look extremely adorable. Even with his big nose he sits up easily and is currently sitting on my sewing table.

By purchasing Luke you have helped recycle: 53 plastic bags!

If you would like to give Luke a home, find him and other LEFTZ in my: Etsy Shop

Another quick note: I plan on actually counting the amount of recycled shopping bags I use to stuff each plush. It will be interesting to see the running total of bags you all have helped recycle!

Monday, December 21

Gift Cards Now Available!

These are great for last minute shoppers that don't want to rely on expensive shipping.

Pick up your Gift Card today!

Sunday, December 20

Puppy & Pony

Merlin the puppy and Sugar the pony are my two newest plush. These guys will be going to two different homes.

Merlin comes complete with his very own leash. Just like any other puppy, he needs regular walks and lots of treats.

Sugar the pony is made from fleece and stuffed with recycled plastic shopping bags. Sugar's reins are made from ribbon and buttons. She enjoys eating apples and Christmas cookies.


Check out this adorable treasury I'm in! I love all things fuzzy, including mice ;)

Comment on the Treasury

The link will only work for a few days. This gives everyone on Etsy a chance to create one!

Saturday, December 19

Ted The Pony

This cute pony was a custom order. Ted's name was picked by his new owner! His 8" flowing tail and big eye turn the cuteness factor way up.

Ted's Info:
Ted the pony is made from fleece, has a layered vintage button eye, and is stuffed with recycled plastic shopping bags.

This pony is 11 1/2" from nose to bottom, 13" from feet to tip of his ears, 9" tall laying down, and has an 8" tail.

One more plush today and I will be done with my orders! I forgot to look outside recently.. we may be snowed in :p

Snow Snow SNOW

So my husband got his wish and the snow has fallen. I decided to wake him up at 6am to let him know ;) Apparently he didn't want to know that bad...

Today my plans range from working on a few custom orders from my Aunt and possibly working on a few new designs. This morning I spent some time re-designing Holly's blog. I tried to give it a little spunk, just like Holly! peace frog designs - blog

What's for tomorrow? I have no idea.. but it will probably involve fixing my ever breaking camera!

Snowing? Go play!

Friday, December 18


Don't mind me while I change everything AGAIN :p

Wednesday, December 16

Scooter V.2

Scooter is available again! This is a remake of my original LEFTZ.

Read her story in my Etsy Shop


As I can't sleep at the moment, it has given me the chance to think about the upcoming holidays.

Slow down - take the time to enjoy the little things that may not come into sight with a quick glance.

Love - from family to friends, from the postman to the trash man. We are all people with beating hearts, souls, and feelings. If you can make this practice happen during the fast-passed holidays then it should come as breathing for the rest of the year.

Peace - Enjoy your time with family and enjoy what you have. The holidays this year, may not be filled with expensive gifts and fancy meals, but find peace in the good things and good times.

No matter what holiday you will be celebrating this year or even if you choose not to celebrate any of them, in some way you will experience them. Try going to the mall tomorrow... ;) Slow down, love, and experience peace.

Monday, December 14

Dixie the Boston Terrier

Meet Dixie! This cute pup was a custom order.

Dixie is made from fleece, has a vintage button eye and is stuffed with recycled plastic shopping bags. Her collar is also made from fleece.

Dixie the Boston Terrier is a little over 12 1/2" standing, 13 1/2" from his bottom to his nose, 8 1/2" tall laying down.

Enjoy your day :)

Friday, December 11


Tink the Rat enjoys making snow angels and hanging holiday decorations. She loves to hang around with her pal Hawthorn.

Tink the Rat is a little over 11" tall. She is made from fleece, has a layered vintage button eye, and is stuffed with recycled plastic shopping bags.

Her accents and tail are made from cotton fabric. Tink's removable scarf is made from fleece. This rat also has a flat bottom and can sit freely anywhere.

Give her a home through my Etsy Shop


Meet Hawthorn the Rat!

This guy was so much fun to make. From his patterned accents to his cocked head, he brings so much character to the room.

He is made from fleece. His eye is a mixture of vintage and glitter buttons. Hawthorn's removable scarf is also made from fleece and his flat bottom means he can sit just about anywhere!

Read more about Hawthorn the Rat and other LEFTZ in my Etsy Shop

Thursday, December 10

Wednesday, December 9


Meet Buzz!

Buzz the bumblebee is allergic to flowers. He is constantly searching for new allergy medicine but it isn't looking good...

Buzz is made from fleece, has a vintage and glitter button eye, and is stuffed with recycled plastic shopping bags. His scarf is also made from fleece. Buzz stands a little over 10" tall.

This bumblebee's stripes and stinger are hand stitched.

Give him a home! Find him and other fun plush in my Etsy Shop

Scooter - Sold

Meet Scooter!

Read her story in my Etsy Shop


Tuesday, December 8

Custom Chihuahua

This was a custom order for Poncho the Chihuahua. This was my first plush dog! Also my second LEFTZ with two eyes :p

Poncho is made from fleece, has vintage button eyes and is stuffed with recycled plastic shopping bags. His collar is also made from fleece.

Poncho the Chihuahua is a little over 12" standing, 12 1/2" from his bottom to his nose, 9" foot to foot, 8" tall laying down and 5" eye to eye.

Hope he makes you smile :)

Gnome Ornaments - OOAK SOLD

Set of 4 Christmas Gnomes. Each comes with an attached ribbon and metal ring to hang on your tree. Gnomes range in size to 7 1/2" to 8 1/2" tall.

These little guys can also be used as key chains when your tree isn't up :)

Pick up this OOAK set in my Etsy Shop


Quincy the Cat

Meet Quincy the Cat!

Read his story in my Etsy Shop


Monday, December 7

Custom Nurse Monkeys

Meet Mia and Amy the nurse monkeys. This custom Christmas order is for two wonderful nurses. The monkeys are 8 1/2" tall while sitting and 11 1/2" from feet to the top of their head. They are made out of fleece and stuffed with recycled plastic shopping bags.
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