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Wednesday, December 23

100th Post & My Mixed Media Art

Hi all! I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. Things around our house have been a little crazy recently but I think everyone is finally in the Christmas spirit.

I was feeling very creative today so I ran to my painting supplies. Of course I had run out of everything! After a quick trip to the craft store, I setup my array of supplies and got to work. My husband wasn't surprised with the result. "Of course you'd paint LEFTZ" he said.

This is a 11"x14" mixed media art piece. I started by aging the canvas, with watered down paint. I hand sewed the fleece together and attached the LEFTZ to the canvas. After finding some beautiful scrap cotton prints, it all came together. This piece isn't for sale, but I'm considering making smaller ones that would be available in my Etsy shop.

Let me know what you think!


Pikithins said...

Yea, I agree. Smaller pieces would work! (going into art student mode lol). A smaller work would give the viewer a more intimate experience with the character. Maybe experiment with the character's gesture to reveal more of it's personality (So it's not a completely blank stare on its face). Also, I like your choice of mixed materials. I'm wondering if you can blend the aged canvas with the fabric more so they don't look so separated? Maybe paint around the ages of the fabric to make it seem like the painted part of the canvas is bleeding into the fabric? Stuff like that lol. I'll shut up now...HAHAHA XD


ArtTales said...

Awesome idea! I think I would need a different type of paint for the fabric, possibly acrylic. The paint I have now is a basic student grade that I got in bulk when I lived near a Dick Blick. Somehow we lost my oil paint in the move, or I just haven't found them yet.

Also thought about actually hand stitching the letters to the canvas. Thanks for the insight!

BTW why on earth are you up so early? :p

Car Farm Creations said...

It has been awhile since I have read or written of done anything really blog related so I have to tell you I love the new look. Wish mine looked as good as yours.
Also, have to say I love love love the painting. I actually like the fact that they look like separate entities occupying the same space. He looks as if he just peeked up out of no where for a quick look around. When he is gone that that aged old wall will still be there.
If you do decide to sew directly through the canvas to attach the letters or any part next time would suggest adding a backing when you are done to reinforce the canvas or to brush the back with a glue or medium to seal the stitching to the back of the canvas for extra support. Just an idea.

ArtTales said...

CarFarm, I didn't even think about sealing the back. I do have a couple different products I could use.. I just need to start on it!

I figured Etsy would be slow for awhile, due to Christmas, so I've been ketching up on organizing the house and other projects I've been putting off.

The other reason he looks so distinct from his background is his contrasting red color. I'm beginning to love it more.

Thanks everyone for all the great input!!

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