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Thursday, December 24

Walter the Walrus - Not for Sale

Meet Walter!

I made this cute fellow today, while taking a break from the pre-Christmas excitement. As soon as he was finished my husband looked at me like a child looking at a puppy and asked "Can we keep him?"

...So Walter is not for sale and will has become our Christmas Walrus.

Once it gets a little warmer out maybe I'll make him a pair of shades ;) -- Walter is 21" long and his tusks are 4"

I hope everyone is enjoying the time with their family and friends! Don't forget to save some sugar for tomorrow ;)


mkdreambig said...

OMG, he is so stinkin cute!!! Emma wants him for Christmas she says. LOL!!! LOVE IT!!

ArtTales said...

ehehe thanks! After the holidays I will probably make another. But she may be busy with all her other LEFTZ ;)

hdawnparratt said...

i love him did you get the idea from the gift tags you bought from me??? hehehhe so stinking cute dear you are the bomb :)

ArtTales said...

Yes Hd!

These are the tags we are talking about:

They are too cute!

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