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Monday, November 30

Brainy the Brontosaurus

Meet Brainy the Brontosaurus! This plush dino is my newest creation. Thanks to Holly for the wonderful idea!

Brainy is made from fleece and has a vintage layered button eye. He stands a little over 11 1/2" high, is 21" from his buttom to the tip of his nose, and is 11 1/2" wide.

Read more about Brainy and my other LEFTZ in Etsy Shop

Baby T-Rex

Rex is a plush baby T-Rex dinosaur. He enjoys stomping around and chasing the smaller LEFTZ. Rex enjoys eating peanut butter cookies.

Rex is made from fleece and has a vintage layered button eye. He stands a little over 14" high and is 16" from his feet to the tip of his tail.

Give hime a home!

And The Winner Is...

Congrats Number 49 mkdreambig!!! Your number was picked through and you have won Lucky! This gift worth $45! I will contact you and you will have 72 hours to respond. If you don't then I will choose another winner.

Thanks to everyone who entered! I plan on having another giveaway soon so keep your eyes open ;)

Sunday, November 29

Frosted Dragon

My newest dragon! Sorry about the somewhat bad picture, I took it with my cell phone ;)

She is made from a pale blue fleece and has maroon spikes running from the tip of her tail to the back of her head. Her good eye is a mixture of vintage buttons and glitter buttons which I picked up at Sarah's Shop

This Frosted Dragon has not been released yet. If I do decide to sell her, I will let you all know!

Want your own custom dragon? Contact me!

Saturday, November 28

Button Sets

Button Sets Now Available!

Alligator Pillow

Apparently my plush isn't as big and scary as I had hoped..

Friday, November 27

Now Available - SOLD

Finally for sale in my Etsy shop! Blake the Armadillo and Tracks the Rabbit These guys are OOAK I do not have anymore of the fabric used in creating them!

Blake and Tracks have been sold

Wednesday, November 25

Olive Dragon

This olive dragon is made from fleece, has vintage button eyes, and is stuffed with recycled plastic shopping bags.

He is the largest out of all the dragons I've made. He is a little over 21" from bottom to tip of his horns. He is also 21" from the tip of his feet to the tip of his tail. He is 18" from foot to foot and has a 20 1/2" wingspan.

He has double wins on both sides and light gray spikes running from his head to hi tail. His accents are a cotton blend of light green spotted print.

He may be spoken for, but if not, I will be posting him on Etsy.

Monday, November 23

Thanksgiving Week Designs

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

I thought I would stray away from the norm and work on my own Thanksgiving LEFTZ for this week. They can fry a turkey in 6.5 seconds, they can squish a pumpkin with one hand, and they are the perfect centerpiece. Thanksgiving Dragons are such the trend this year ;)

I hope everyone has an enjoyable week and weekend!

Friday, November 20

Rocky - SOLD

If Rocky makes you smile, read his story here!

Thursday, November 19

Sparky the Armadillo - SOLD

This adorable guy was a custom order. Who would have thought that the armadillos would be so popular?

Spark stands a little over 11 1/2" tall and 10" wide. He is made from fleece, has a vintage button eye, and is stuffed with recycled plastic shopping bags.

Hope he brings a little joy to your day. He did for mine :)

Giveaway Reminder

You still have time to enter my Lucky Day Giveaway!

Find out all the information here!

Wednesday, November 18

Bowling For Penguins

Currently Not For Sale

This set was made for Stuffed Magazine. It is complete with 10 LEFTZ Penguin Pins and bowling ball. Each pin is 12" tall. The Penguins are made from fleece, have vintage button eyes, and as always stuffed with recycled plastic shopping bags. Their stripe is made from red knit shirts. The bowling ball is made from a dark gray fleece and is 6" wide.

This set is fully playable. Each pin has a flat bottom which allows it to stand on its own. If you are interested in a custom set, please contact me. Full sets are $75 (plus shipping) and require 2-3 days for creation. Penguin pins can be created in several different colors.

Tuesday, November 17

Custom Dragon - Sold

This big guy was a custom order for X-mas. Strick orders were for a big green dragon with tons of character. He is 13 1/2" tall, 18" from feet to tip of tail, and 9 1/2" from foot to foot.

Monday, November 16

Sitting Rabbit - Not For Sale

This is my first sitting plush. This rabbit is not for sale at the moment. She is made with scrap cotton fabric. Her fluffy heart tail is made from faux fur. She is complete with her removable scarf.

New Plush Armadillo - Not For Sale

This is my newest Armadillo. He is currently not for sale. He will probably be on his way with Hop the kangroo to Stuffed Magazine.

He is made with flannel and is super soft.

Custom Lion - Sold

This guy is a custom order for a college student. They wanted the colors to match their school. He was a blast to make! He stands 12" tall and is 11" from his feet to his tail.

Sunday, November 15

Official News!

It's official, all the UGLY green ivy wallpaper has been taken down!!! Yay! My studio is now a calming, blank canvas. Now its time to pick out art for the walls :) Since I have more room now maybe I could get back into painting ;)

Ok news break is over, back to your regularly scheduled lives.


Craft shows can have mixed feelings for people. For some its their meal ticket, others its a training process, and for some its just something to pass the time. I think I fall someone in the middle.

We used this craft show to test the waters with my new plush. How will people react? Are there many Eco minded that would attend? Are they intrigued?

I think all of my questions were answered yesterday. People reacted differently. Heck if we all acted the same, the world would be boring. Some loved my plush, others couldn't get past the one eye. Eh, I guess you need just a spark of imigination sometimes to see past differences.

As I suspected, the Eco crowd didn't show up. Not one person flinched when they discovered that my plush are stuffed with recycled plastic shopping bags. Either we've become a soceity of introverts or it didn't seem exciting.

Now since I said that, let me say this. For me, that was probably the best craft show I've ever done. I think I laughed more yesterday then I had in a long time. We met some really great, funny people and the day actually flew by.

From this I can see that I used the craft show as a insight into the mindset of my crafting area. Most saw my plush as art, which is exactly what I want. I don't just sew, I create.

Friday, November 13

Busy Day Blues

Who said blue has to be depressing?

Today will be filled with cleaning, organizing, and getting ready for my craft show.

Find my other LEFTZ in my Etsy Shop

Wednesday, November 11

Grouchy Day Sale

I've had a bad day so I've decided to make yours better than mine. I've marked down most of my Etsy Shop


Sunday, November 8

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