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Wednesday, November 18

Bowling For Penguins

Currently Not For Sale

This set was made for Stuffed Magazine. It is complete with 10 LEFTZ Penguin Pins and bowling ball. Each pin is 12" tall. The Penguins are made from fleece, have vintage button eyes, and as always stuffed with recycled plastic shopping bags. Their stripe is made from red knit shirts. The bowling ball is made from a dark gray fleece and is 6" wide.

This set is fully playable. Each pin has a flat bottom which allows it to stand on its own. If you are interested in a custom set, please contact me. Full sets are $75 (plus shipping) and require 2-3 days for creation. Penguin pins can be created in several different colors.


Fernanda Frick said...

Hahaha, this is too cool! I've never playd bowling tough >_> but I'm sure this looks like fun xD

ArtTales said...

You need to go bowling! Its a blast :D

Holly said...

You are so freaking amazing. This is probably one of the greatest things I have ever seen...ever. Uggggh why do I have to be so damn broke?! lolz....I want a settttttt! :)

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