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Thursday, September 30


My newest victim. Purchased from the same thrift shop as Bananas They quite possibly could have been friends and since something so bright and cheery shouldn't be alone, I snatched him up.

Some "new" material! Thrift store ties, some knits from my Granny in-law, and some fuzzy finds from ThEm DoLLz - Thanks to everyone who donated!

Finally this lovely faux fur coat picked up a thrift store. Since the photo, it has been turned into a plush zombie monster with enough material to make more.

The setback..

My camera is toast. :( I have no idea how it happened. Yesterday it was working fine, this morning.. nothing. We tried brand new batteries, also picked up some special ones at Radio Shack or $22, finally we plugged it into the wall and still no power. So what does this mean? Well you can tell from the photos above that my camera phone just wont do. I will continue to make plush but I won't be able to list them until I purchase a new camera!

Sunday, September 26


Meet Pickle This fellow came about because of a strange blanket I was given along with some other fabric. The blanket has purple, blue, and green stripes running throughout. So after some thought I came up with a Chameleon.

After his creation I took a trip outside to find him some natural materials for his photo shoot. I'm really happy with him and plan on creating more out of the same striped fabric.


Sorry that I am a few days late announcing the giveaway winner, things have been a little crazy around here...

The winnner is...

@ByHandGiveaways - Congratulations!

The winner has 48 hours to respond to my e-mail before another winner will have to be chosen. A new giveaway will be posted soon.

Wednesday, September 22


I found this today at a thrift store about 45 mins away from our house. I was hoping to find some fun clothes to cut up but instead got a
Kenmore Sewing Machine from 1946 for $3!

Inside was a small box filled with sewing notions. The box is from Rosebud Perfume Co. in Maryland and the postmark is date Dec. 9, 1925. That's when it only cost 3 cents to send a package ;)

**Update Rosebud Perfume Co. is still in business! You can view some of their new products at

Also included is a "Happy Home - Rust Proof Needle Book" It's missing a few needles but I think it's absolutely adorable.

Finally, my newest victims! These guys were found in the bottom of a huge bin of stuffed animals. They of course will be washed then cut into something fuzzy :) They range in size from about 3 ft up to 4.5 ft tall. All in all the trip was a complete success!


Custom Peacock created with upcycled fleece blankets, fleece jackets, and scrap cotton fabric. Her good eye is a vintage button and she is stuffed with shredded recycled plastic shopping bags.

Eco Friendly World

Created by "sunflowerdesign" Featuring Duncan the Monster

Real Horror Show

Created by "slubird" Featuring Milkshake the Snake

This Halloween... Monster! ROAR!

Created by "MarKhed" Featuring Plush Yeti

They Come Out at Night

Created by "kellyjcallahan" Featuring Bella the Monster

Saturday, September 18


My Day in Collage

WIP - My first monster with polka dot horns
- Fur from 2 stuffed thrift store bears.

Taking my stuffing in a new direction by cutting up the plastic bags. Though it may take longer I like the texture better. Also, I wont be able to be able to provide a count on how many bags will be inside each plush. But it does look like I will be able to use more bags per plush now that they are in pieces.

Figgs doing his job.


Storewide Sale
All plush reduced! Here are just a few that are available in my Etsy Shop

Largemouth Bass

Cob the Snake


Dew Drop the Sparrow

Bella the Monster

All LEFTZ are created with repurposed, upcycled, and reclaimed fabrics. They are adorned with vintage buttons and trims. Each softie is stuffed with recycled plastic shopping bags. These handmade plush are Eco friendly and unique in their own way.

Friday, September 17


A Book from my childhood

Old Bear by Jane Hissey is one of my favorite books from my childhood and the love still carries over even now. I've always believed that stuffed animals came to life when their masters weren't around and that they should never be forgotten by putting them into storage.

Old Bear is full of beautiful illustrations by Jane Hissey herself. Each page can capture anyone's attention no matter what the age.

This book proves that you don't have to give up your childhood stories but that you can continue to enjoy them and share them with your own kids!

LEFTZ Feature

Jennifer was kind enough to feature me on her blog today. I really appreciate her kind words and you should definitely check out her Etsy shop at

Thursday, September 16


Meet Melivn the Geeky Plush Bunny.

Candy Corn Fish! Available in the Plush Team Shop.


I have a fun project planned for these!
After a few more pieces are located then I can get started.

This stylish fabric was picked up at my local thrift store. No offense to whoever wore this dress but I find it more fitting as a snake then as an article of clothing.

I'm also working on some fun free goodies to go along with my orders.

Tuesday, September 14


Adorn your tree this year with Mini LEFTZ Bass Available for under $10!


For the past week I have been on a sewing vacation. Though I did cheat a little ;) but now that I am rested I will be back at it. I have a show in November that I am getting ready for. Also, I am trying to restock for the holidays and create plush for an upcoming Gallery show in January.

Though I know what needs to be done the change of weather is making me sad. Summer is finding it's place somewhere else in the world and fall is coming too quickly. Cooler weather is enjoyable but then it's followed by snow and ice... neither of which I love.

So as I bundle up in sweatshirts too earlier for my liking I will continue to create plush and pray for spring to come quickly!

Tuesday, September 7


Warning! May not be suitable for young children or people who love monekys!

There once was a monkey, he was big and furry. One day this monkey found himself without a home. He sat in a big store where everyone passed him by. At night he would get scared, because the evil dust bunnies would come out and try to bite his tail. Everyday he wished that he could be big and strong so that he could scare the dust bunnies away.

One warm afternoon a funny, pretty (ehehehe) and overly hyper girl came into the store. The girl immediately picked up the monkey and gave him a hug. She carried him around the store until it was time to go home. On the way home the monkey began to get scared again, what if his new house had dust bunnies??

The girl sat down with the monkey and saw the fear in his eyes. "Don't worry!" she said, "I'll make you big and strong!"

** Side note: I do not talk to my stuffed animals... ok I do but they don't talk back... they know better ;)

Back to the story!

The monkey was excited! He calmly went to sleep...

When he awoke something amazing had happened! He was big and strong! He now had horns and a big tooth for scaring all the little dust bunnies away. The monkey thought for a moment, I need a new name.. but what? Bananas of course!

Monday, September 6


Custom Fuzzy Octopus - Created with a repurposed fleece bathrobe and a silk nightshirt.

** News **

This week I've come to the conclusion that I want to center my attention on only a few designs. Then rotate them out every few weeks. This is make it easier on me since I've had a spike in sales. Custom orders will still be accepted on a case by case basis and I will still be working on new designs in my spare time.

I have now sold out of all of my Tribals - which means the design is being retired. I'm considering selling my pattern online if I can get enough interest.

Other designs being retired:

I hope everyone is having a great Labor Day weekend!

Friday, September 3


Only four sets of the dark brown Tribals will be made available then they will be retired. Two Sets of the light brown Tribals will be posted soon then once they are sold they too will be retired!


Fuzzy Friday:
Interview with Aplushplush

Tell us how you start your day.
I usually work until about 3-4am on my creations. Catch a quick nap until about 8:46am, get up make some chocolate milk, then I am out the door by 9:00am for a bike ride into my day job.

Where did you grow up and where do you live now?
I Grew up in Wilmington, Delaware, I now live in San Francisco, California.

What makes where you live special?
The fresh air, the fog, the hills, the streets, the homeless, the buffalo in Golden Gate park, the art scene, the bike culture, my friends.

Tell us about how you got started creating plush.
I went to college in 1995 for a fine arts degree, then I went back to school for a toy design degree in 2005. One of the first classes I took was a plush design class where we had to cut, sew, and fill our own "teddy" bear from existing patterns. Ever since grade school I have wanted to learn how to use a sewing machine, I guess I didn't bug my mom enough for her to teach me. Anyway, once I learned my way around the machine I found it quite relaxing to sew.

What inspires you?
Nature, children, laughter, science, bikes, cookies, milk, innovation, Rene Magritte

What would your perfect day be like?
Waking up riding my bike, eating a bunch of cookies and drinking milk. Meeting up with my friends and family on the road and go for a sunrise bike ride to a barbque in a giant sequoia forest. Then spending the rest of the day in the woods laughing and frolicking about.

If you had to choose another medium, what would it be?

What's the one thing you can't live without?
Cookies and milk and bike

Extra: Tell us a random fact about yourself!
I am friends with the man who created He-Man.

Random Silly Question:
How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
Who's chuck?!!

Aplushplush is also a member of the Etsy Plush Team
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