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Thursday, September 30


My newest victim. Purchased from the same thrift shop as Bananas They quite possibly could have been friends and since something so bright and cheery shouldn't be alone, I snatched him up.

Some "new" material! Thrift store ties, some knits from my Granny in-law, and some fuzzy finds from ThEm DoLLz - Thanks to everyone who donated!

Finally this lovely faux fur coat picked up a thrift store. Since the photo, it has been turned into a plush zombie monster with enough material to make more.

The setback..

My camera is toast. :( I have no idea how it happened. Yesterday it was working fine, this morning.. nothing. We tried brand new batteries, also picked up some special ones at Radio Shack or $22, finally we plugged it into the wall and still no power. So what does this mean? Well you can tell from the photos above that my camera phone just wont do. I will continue to make plush but I won't be able to list them until I purchase a new camera!


Anonymous said...

Oh I can't wait to see the zombie monster. Hope you get a new camera soon. What did you have before?

ArtTales said...

I had a Kodak Easy Share 14mp. I just looked up info on their website and it will cost $80 to fix! That's almost the price of the camera so I don't see a point in doing that.

Anonymous said...

wow that is not good. . . well i hope youcan get a camera soon. . .

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