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Wednesday, September 22


I found this today at a thrift store about 45 mins away from our house. I was hoping to find some fun clothes to cut up but instead got a
Kenmore Sewing Machine from 1946 for $3!

Inside was a small box filled with sewing notions. The box is from Rosebud Perfume Co. in Maryland and the postmark is date Dec. 9, 1925. That's when it only cost 3 cents to send a package ;)

**Update Rosebud Perfume Co. is still in business! You can view some of their new products at

Also included is a "Happy Home - Rust Proof Needle Book" It's missing a few needles but I think it's absolutely adorable.

Finally, my newest victims! These guys were found in the bottom of a huge bin of stuffed animals. They of course will be washed then cut into something fuzzy :) They range in size from about 3 ft up to 4.5 ft tall. All in all the trip was a complete success!


out of the frame said...

sounds like a great trip!

Julie said...

I can not believe you found that sewing machine and only paid $3 for it!

ArtTales said...

Julie me too! I even asked and the lady looked at me like I was crazy for even wondering :p

42 things said...

that sewing machine is incredible.

Alexandra and Julia said...

Wow! I can't believe it $3.00 for sewing machine?! That's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Great finds. I need to make it to the thrift store soon.

Fur Will Fly said...

Wow, that sewing machine is great! Your next victims look blissfully unaware of what is ahead of them!

ArtTales said...

They never saw it coming ;)

ArtTales said...

btw I e-mailed the Rosebud Perfume Co. and received a really nice letter from the Vice President. She was thrilled at what I found and grateful for the photo.

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