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Tuesday, September 14


Adorn your tree this year with Mini LEFTZ Bass Available for under $10!


For the past week I have been on a sewing vacation. Though I did cheat a little ;) but now that I am rested I will be back at it. I have a show in November that I am getting ready for. Also, I am trying to restock for the holidays and create plush for an upcoming Gallery show in January.

Though I know what needs to be done the change of weather is making me sad. Summer is finding it's place somewhere else in the world and fall is coming too quickly. Cooler weather is enjoyable but then it's followed by snow and ice... neither of which I love.

So as I bundle up in sweatshirts too earlier for my liking I will continue to create plush and pray for spring to come quickly!


Sarah Halstead said...

I love these!! So adorable! I will definitely have to buy a couple.

emily b said...

Fun! I wish I could say I've started my Christmas projects...

ArtTales said...

Thanks! I'm pretty sure I should have started all of my projects 4 months ago hehe

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