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Saturday, November 28

Button Sets

Button Sets Now Available!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's awesome! How did you make those?!

Lrc said...

cool idea! I lust after button makers.

ArtTales said...

I didn't make them. Button machines are insanely expensive! I had DayzeeLoveDesigns from Etsy make them.

I searched everywhere for a cheap way of making them but it came down to quality. Anyway check her out, she is super nice and great to work with :D

Holly said...

Oooooh I liiiiike these, i'm gonna have to hit up that shop and have her make me some buttons. :) But gonna need to pick me up a set of your buttons, they're so cute! :) They'll look awesome on my tote has a picture of a rabbit in a top hat and I like to pin buttons all over it. :P haha~

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