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Monday, November 30

Baby T-Rex

Rex is a plush baby T-Rex dinosaur. He enjoys stomping around and chasing the smaller LEFTZ. Rex enjoys eating peanut butter cookies.

Rex is made from fleece and has a vintage layered button eye. He stands a little over 14" high and is 16" from his feet to the tip of his tail.

Give hime a home!


Holly said...

OMG he's perfect! :D You are the bestest plushie maker ever....marry me? Oh wait you're already married....*le sigh*


ArtTales said...

Hey it's legal in Utah...

Holly said...

.....and Massachusetts? :D how did I even spell that right? hahahahahha~~~~~~~~~ *passes out*

ArtTales said...

lmao I was home schooled I have no idea if you spelled that right :p

Holly said...

I googled it so that's how i spelled it right. :D yaaaaaay tequila~!

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