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Sunday, November 15


Craft shows can have mixed feelings for people. For some its their meal ticket, others its a training process, and for some its just something to pass the time. I think I fall someone in the middle.

We used this craft show to test the waters with my new plush. How will people react? Are there many Eco minded that would attend? Are they intrigued?

I think all of my questions were answered yesterday. People reacted differently. Heck if we all acted the same, the world would be boring. Some loved my plush, others couldn't get past the one eye. Eh, I guess you need just a spark of imigination sometimes to see past differences.

As I suspected, the Eco crowd didn't show up. Not one person flinched when they discovered that my plush are stuffed with recycled plastic shopping bags. Either we've become a soceity of introverts or it didn't seem exciting.

Now since I said that, let me say this. For me, that was probably the best craft show I've ever done. I think I laughed more yesterday then I had in a long time. We met some really great, funny people and the day actually flew by.

From this I can see that I used the craft show as a insight into the mindset of my crafting area. Most saw my plush as art, which is exactly what I want. I don't just sew, I create.


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