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Tuesday, December 22

Luke the Giraffe

Meet Luke!

I had tons of fun making this guy.. and actually my husband sewed one of the feet! He was a little nervous at first, but he did very well :)

This guy actually started out, in my mind, as a camel. But as I continued to cut the fabric it became apparent that he would be a giraffe. I've only made one giraffe before (Stretch) but he was a bowling pin LEFTZ and had no legs.

I knew that I wanted to give him overly rounded traits to help him look extremely adorable. Even with his big nose he sits up easily and is currently sitting on my sewing table.

By purchasing Luke you have helped recycle: 53 plastic bags!

If you would like to give Luke a home, find him and other LEFTZ in my: Etsy Shop

Another quick note: I plan on actually counting the amount of recycled shopping bags I use to stuff each plush. It will be interesting to see the running total of bags you all have helped recycle!


Holly said...

I love him! Send him to me right now. :P

Sleepy King said...

Aww hes cute! Where do you get all the bags?

ArtTales said...

Hey Sleepy, I actually get them from my local grocery store. There is a bin where people throw their bags. The store manager is great and allows me to take them whenever I need more! My husband is usually sent in the middle of the night to grab more when I've realized I've run out!

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