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Thursday, December 31

Beeper Bebe Fellow Upcycled Artist

This fellow upcycled artist takes cute to the extreme! Here are just two of her adorable creations.

She makes use of a combo of new and reclaimed materials, ranging from wool to cashmere.

"This Bitty Birdie is an original Beeper Bebe design and is handmade from pure wool felt and all features are hand embroidered. It is made from a combo of new and reclaimed materials because here in the Beeper Bebe workshop, I like to find new uses for what is already out there to work with (for instance, her hat is made from the cuff of a sweater, her blankie from reclaimed fleece, etc)."

Bitty Bebe: "This bebe also happens to come to with everything a bitty bebe needs to get by (all except for your love, of course)--its own little turquoise wool hat, a little wool felt bunny, a red fleece blankie, a bib with a birdie applique, a comfy button tufted red polka dot mattress, a terry cloth diaper, AND a little bitty quilted box in a woodland patchwork print to put her to sleep in. Sweet as all get out, loves to play, perfect for holding in the palm of your hand, deserving of your unconditional love."

Artist Info:
WEB: BeeperBebe
BLOG: ChezBeeperBebe
LOCATION: Minneapolis


FarrenSquare said...

I am totally in love with that bitty birdie! So adorable.

ArtTales said...

The hat is perfect :D

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