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Friday, January 1

Shopping List

These are two "Must Haves" on any girl's list!

Walking In Blanket- Women's Slippers
Comfortable and cute Mary Jane slippers with fun and colorful lining.
These slippers are very soft when you walk in them, they are padded like a blanket and but yet elegant and resistant.
They made out of 100% cotton.
The soles made out of foamed plastic covered by fabric. The foamed plastic soles make them strong, durable and isolate your feet from the floor.

Cotton Wrap skirt
-Dark chocolate brown Cotton/span material is used for the skirt

-Cotton plaid (red,green,tan) for the ruffle

-Single pocket with exposed seams

-Easy to fit different sizes

Artists Info:

(Slippers) by : netamir

(Skirt) by : kaylim


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