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Saturday, January 2

Cluck the Chicken

Meet Cluck!

Cluck the Chicken is a bird brain. He forgets everything he is told and spends most days running in circles.

Find Cluck in my Etsy Shop

Cluck is made from fleece. His good eye is made with layered vintage buttons and he is stuffed with recycled plastic shopping bags. His yellow polka dotted accents are made from cotton fabric.

By purchasing Cluck you have helped recycle: 31 plastic bags!

I started this fellow before Christmas and then forgot all about him. Possibly in the future, I will make smaller ones, since the Mini section of my Etsy shop is lacking... in well... mini LEFTZ. But for now, I hope you guys enjoy Cluck!


crazecappy said...

I love this one to cute. I would have him right out in my kitchen. And hey if you try the fb let me know I love your stuff I would read it :)

ArtTales said...

Hey thanks :)

I will probably give it a try soon!

Lrc said...

awesome! I love his wings and crown!

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