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Sunday, February 21


Sometimes I wonder if the previous owner of the clothes I use for plush, knew that one day it would become a cat.. probably not.

With each piece of fabric, blanket, clothing I find, it springs my imagination into action. It doesn't just stop with fabric. In my studio remodel I took shelving meant for shoes and used them to store my plush.

The first cat Fred were my husband's pants in his former life. Texture is a plus when I'm looking for material and color usually is a close second. Fran was also picked up as a pair of pants. She was found at the Salvation Army and I just love how soft she is.

Below is Skip I found his material at a salvage shop. The owner was in the process of refurnishing her chair and was just going to throw away the material. She was more than happy to let me put it to good use and I'm really excited that she did!

Repurpose anything and everything, just make sure you ask your significant other first! (I swear he said I could use his old pants..) And find other upcycled plush in my Etsy Shop

If you could change the meaning of an object around you, would you?


Pikithins said...

Ah just HAD to use my most fabric types of fabric in the world didn't you? Oh jeez...=starts opening her wallet=


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