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Wednesday, February 17


How absolutely great are these? Handmade from my great friend Pikithins Not only does this great artist make cards and jewelry but her needle wallets are super creative.

Thanks again for these lovely prints! They will be framed and hung in my studio. What a perfect way to be inspired.


Holly said...

Ahhhh i love the first one, way too cute! :)

Auberrygirl said...

So cute! She did a great job!!!

ArtTales said...

I want to squeeze the unicorn :D

Pikithins said...

I'm glad you like them so much =) The first one was so much fun to do! The unicorn is my fav. <3


ArtTales said...

They are perfect :D You rock my tube socks!

Pikithins said... socks? lmao hahahaha


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