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Sunday, February 14


My lovely and very productive studio

Above is my main cutting table. The table is 8ft long and features 24 cubes for open storage of my material. The setup on top of my cutting table, holds my cotton fabrics and tiny scraps.

The desk above has several functional uses. This table is lower than my cutting table and is the perfect height for sewing. The cabinets hold my lovely button containers, uncut clothes for plush making, and my printer.

The open shelving on the end is where all my plush take a break on a way to their next home.

My shipping table (and second cutting table) holds all of my shipping supplies, and plush that are on reserve or being held for my monthly giveaway

I purchased this lovely dresser at an auction for $25. My favorite feature are the lovely claw feet. The aged look of the dresser is the perfect backdrop for my photos. As always, Figgs has to be right in the spotlight (literally) My 10 bendy lamps are supplied with daylight bulbs and if I use them enough, I might get a tan ;)

Until I can figure out the decor for the room, it will remain a blank slate. The leaves hanging above my sewing machine were made by me with ribbon and felt. Finally my funky pincushion. That is Charles, one of the originally LEFTZ I created. He is filled with rice and sometimes I wonder if he is bothered by all the pins sticking in him.

My studio has made me feel more creative and I enjoy being in it even more. My studio consist solely of ClosetMaid Cabinets, bought at Lowe's. With all the shapes and sizes, you can really have fun building the exact space you want. My studio cost a little over $300 to create and I think, for my sanity, it was worth every penny.

Along with the studio makeover, I've given my blog a makeover too. I hope you enjoy both!


Holly said...

I love your studio, it looks amazing. I am sooo jealous. :)

Anonymous said...

Ha! It is the daylight bulbs! No wonder all your pictures are so bright and sharp ;D

I am happy that you have a very own organized studio! I remembered how happy I was when I finally set up my own studio. It really save lot of time on packing and unpacking of materials and also the time wasted on sorting them out!

Flowerleaf said...

Your studio is so organized and awesome! Love seeing where you work! The place that I work is something i like to call..."organized chaos..." Haha.

sassypackrat said...

I love your studio! I'm jealous that you have a dedicated cutting table. Mine is my work, shipping, packing, cutting table and I wish I had a separate one. The shelves you use to store your finished peices is such a great idea! I need something like that as I'm up to my eyeballs in penguins and owls!

ArtTales said...

sassypackrat: Those shelves are actually meant for shoes. If I remember correctly, they are around $12 for 2 shelves.

Flowerleaf: Ha! As long as you know where everything is, then it works! The main reason I redid the space was, all my previous furniture was over sized and really took up more space without using the space properly.

Sophie: Thanks :) The bulbs are pretty inexpensive and it really does change the whole look of the photos. Just remember if you do buy some, that they need time to warm up.

My cats enjoy the shipping station more than anything. They run through the open cube, at the bottom, constantly :)

Pikithins said... space isn't even that big! lol

-Piki said...

It looks so beautiful in there! Great job!

ArtTales said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments and jealous glares ;)

Spacejams Vintage said...

oh wow!! you have a wonderful studio!! I love it=)) so accurate and bright and lovely!!

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