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Saturday, February 27


Check out this awesome tote! My good friend Kellie hooked me up with this from Thirty-One Gifts It is absolutely perfect, with tons of storage and of course the personalized embroidery sets it over the edge! It's big enough for my sewing machine, laptop, or whatever and will be a great tool for LEFTZ on the go :) Thanks Kellie!

While I was typing, Figgs decided that he wanted to be a model. So Here is his adorable shot. He either wants to be a LEFTZ or just knows that he is super cute ;)

It's been a long day in the land of LEFTZ! So this guy will have to wait until tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow will be filled with more sewing and possibly chocolate!


Flowerleaf said...

You're going to fill one of your guys with chocolate? Will the head open up like the lid for a candy jar? :-P

I didn't know yer guys could come candy-filled! DANG!

Lovely post! :-D

ArtTales said...

Lol that would be interesting

Anonymous said...

Hmm...I am just trying to figure what what would this little red guy turn out to be, kangaroo? I guess am just not 'creative' enough, I really can't figure it out LOL!

Will wait till you finished it ;D

ArtTales said...

Hehe Sophine it's ok :) He is an armadillo

Holly said...

OMGGGGGGG Figgs!!! He is seriously the most precious thing I have ever seen, he's such a supermodel. :)

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