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Monday, March 1


For my studio, I decided on getting an array of different types of art. Here are the ones that came today!

□ 1.) Yeti's Love Muffins from littletoad
□ 2.) Skunks need love too also from littletoad both are actually note cards but cute enough to frame :)
□ 3.) La La the Llama from falldowntree My love of Llamas started with the movie: The Emperor's New Groove Yes I love kid movies!
□ 4.) Captain Ahab from frankpeak He is a new artist to Etsy and I love his work.
□ 5.) Map Paintings from rachelaustin Also note cards but a very inexpensive set of art.
□ 6.) Bag Piper from danbobthompson I've always loved bag pipers.. yes really :) so this print is perfect for my studio.
□ 7.) Bring Me That Horizon from letterhappy This also fits in nicely with Captain Ahab and some other fun nautical items I should be receiving soon.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. I wish in bed 95% of it with a back and stomach ache. Now that I'm feeling better, there is a long list of things that I really want to make and get done!


Holly said...

I lurv the llama and the skunk, soooo cute. :) So glad you're feeling better! :)

littletoad said...

i would love to see a picture of your studio when you have them all put up i'm so wowed that you included me with all these great artists
I love falldowntree's artwork too

ArtTales said...

littletoad absolutely! I will be picking up more frames tomorrow. I'm still waiting on a few prints, but I will probably go ahead a take a snapshot then :)

Thanks Holly :D

Spacejams Vintage said...

so many great items! do you know already how you will arrange them?? frames or?? would love to see a finished photo later=)

ArtTales said...

Well I'm going for that random/I have no idea what I'm doing look lol

The mail is annoying me and I wasn't able to get out today for frames.. but I promise to take a photo when it's all together!

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