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Thursday, February 25


Walter was created before Christmas and posted as not for sale. Finally, I have been able to convince my husband to part with him. His empty space on our bookcase is just enough reason to create something else fun and fuzzy!

Walter and Lil Hoot are now available in my Etsy Shop

I had stated previously that I wouldn't be making anymore owls for awhile. Lil Hoot has been sitting on my desk for weeks, and all he needed were feet. So today I gave him a bottom and feet! Now he is ready to fly off and into your heart ;)


Virtue said...

Oh fer serious?? These rock! Cute in an adult sort of way.

ArtTales said...

Thanks Virtue :) I'm glad you like them!

ticc said...

They are so cute!!! You make some many nice ones. Keep it up.... :O)

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