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Saturday, February 13


He's as cute as a button, well maybe 3, and he can't reach the microwave but my husband is more than willing to give him a hand.

Mikey was originally going to be listed in my Etsy Shop but my husband decided that he would steal him, stick him in his pocket, and run around the house making dino noises. (I'm not kidding. I should have had a video camera.)

I actually expected Mikey to be harder to sew, since he is small, but it was pretty simple. Plus I think he is extra adorable sitting in my hand :) We've decided to keep him away from the Tribals so they don't attack him with spears.

Enjoy your day :)


cappy sue creations said...

ok that is adorable I want to pick him up and carry him around ok so I might not make the dino noises but omg he is cute.

Lrc said...

Hehehe i think i might snatch him up in my pocket too! what a cutie! I would definately make mini dino noises...

ArtTales said...

hehe my husband is glad he is not alone ;)

BecasBeadedJewelry said...

oooooo I love him! How did I miss this blog? He is such a handsome little guy :)

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