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Friday, February 12

Eco Artist Spotlight: Subodh Gupta

Today's spotlight Eco-Artist is Subodh Gupta. He is an Indian artist
based out of New Dehli that uses everyday items commonly found in his homeland
to create some pretty amazing sculptures.

Initially trained as a painter, I'd
like to think his attempts at branching off into other media are a great success.
An active artist since 1996, he has been featured in over 63 exibitions, 21 of
them solo.

As a devout Hindu and very much integrated into Indian culture,
he tries to reflect how things have changed even throughout his life and the
religious customs and traditions he practices into his artwork.

For more information on this artist, visit his Wikipedia page.

If you know of a local or online eco artist that you would love to see reviewed, please contact me via any of the quick links on the right -> or by leaving a comment. I can't promise I will get to everyone's request but I will try!


Lrc said...

Very cool find! Its fascinating work...thanks for bringing him to my attention!

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