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Sunday, October 11

Meet Mike the Anteater

Don't let Mike's size scare you. He is as docile as a kitten. He does like to enjoy a few exoskeletons every now and then.

Mike the Anteater is made out of fleece and filled with recycled plastic shopping bags. He stands a little over 11 1/2" tall. He stretchs over 2.5ft (30") and is 8" at his widest point. He can stand on his own.

Find him in my Etsy Shop

Just because I post pictures of my work on my blog, doesn't mean they are free range for the picking. :) All images and designs are property of ArtTales. If you would like to feature me on your blog or website, just send me a note when it's up! LEFTZ are collector items and are not toys. They are perfect for your bookcase, studio, or desk. Please keep out of reach of children.


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