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Sunday, November 8

Big Bruce

Big Bruce!

Big Bruce the full size goose ;) His wingspan meausures up at 4 ft! From his head to his fluffy tail he measures just over 31" His body, wings, legs, and tail are all quilted. He has heavy duty rings so he can be hung from the ceiling.

At this moment he is not for sale.

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cappy sue creations said...

Omg that is to cool I love him truly I love him.

ArtTales said...

hehe thanks.. I actually made him acouple weeks ago and just hadn't taken pictures of him. He is now hanging over my sewing table :)

COOB Originals said...

Holy big goose Batman!!!!! He's AWESOME!

ArtTales said...

I thought you would like him ;)

Holly said...

OMG How did I miss this post?! :D I remember the night you decided to make him and almost forgot to give him feet, teehee. :P He is amazingggg...I want him...give him to me nooooooow. :P

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