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Tuesday, November 3

New Plush & News

What can I say? I love alligators! This gal's name is Alley! Made with soft blue fleece, with light blue fleece accents. Her good eye is made from vintage layered buttons and she is stuffed with recycled plastic shopping bags. Like her brother Teeth she is over 2ft long! Find Alley and my other LEFTZ in my Etsy Shop


Today you might notice some of my items disappearing from my shop. I have a review today at an art gallery. If they like my items then they will be put on display in their store. If not they will be back up when I return :)


Spacejams Vintage said...

he is too adorable for alligator=))

Lrc said...

Fabulous addition to your menagerie! I like that he's nice and large too!

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