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Monday, January 25

Out and About

Although I don't frequent this ice cream shoppe very offten, it sure is fun to look at. Originally "The Cone" stood in a small parking lot next to an old feed mill, but recently they have moved if a few blocks into the downtown area. History reveals that this building, and about 45 others, are whats left of Robert G. Skiller's creative mind.

They serve ice cream of course, hot dogs, shakes, candy, and gourmet coffe. Ours has become sort of a tourist stop for those looking for the famous house of Jon and Kate Gosselin. To keep in line with the tourist feel, they also have a life size horse statue, a miniature train for the kids, and the normal garden gnome setup. Just a little spice in a small town :)


Erica Leigh said...

i NEED to visit this!! haha. if only to take pictures (well, and get some ice cream too).

Flowerleaf said...

I want to lick it.


Lrc said...

yeah totally, it looks deelicious! There is a coffee pot shaped building near where I live called the "Java Jive" that is way cool and a cowboy hat and boots in Seattle. I love the wacky older buildings shaped like objects!

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