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Friday, January 29

Peacock In Bloom

This is my recent plush. I have previously made Peacocks that were mounted but not free standing ones. This plush is made from fleece, has a layered vintage button eye, and is stuffed with recycled plastic shopping bags.

This Peacock is now for sale in my Etsy Shop


ArtTales said...

testy test test test

Flowerleaf said...

Love this peacock! The feathers are awesome and I love his eyes. You amaze me with you plush skills! :-D

PonderandStitch said...

That is adorable! Love the bright color... :)

kate said...

Great work! I love the feathers too!

ArtTales said...

Thanks all! I was hoping more of the hand stitching would be visible, but I made a boo boo and forgot to add wire to the feathers so they could stand on their own.

Live and learn ;)

Farrielle Design and Fashionista said...

Beautiful , love the colors on this one.

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