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Monday, January 25


Here are a few photos that I've redone for my Etsy shop. After getting my new lights I decided that all my photos should match instead of having brown/green/blue backgrounds. These are some of my favorites!

Above is a group shop of my recent plush owls, including
Theodore Mack and Lydia

My first plush in my Tribal LEFTZ Collection. I wanted to have a little fun and play around with angles and backgrounds.

Finally Stitch the glow of the new bulbs gives this bunny a softer more huggable look.
Hopefully everyone enjoys the new photos of my plush :)

More can be seen in my Etsy Shop


Lrc said...

nice job with the is a good idea to try different angles...I think that the new bulbs really help! What makes them different?

ArtTales said...

They are daylight bulbs, basically they are like natural light, without having to worry if the sun is out :)

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