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Thursday, January 7

The Plush Have Returned!

These LEFTZ were on display at the Goggle Works Art Gallery!


Nikki is a one of a kind monster. Her oversized arms are useful for picking flowers and weeds. She enjoys long books and peanut butter pies. Available in my Etsy Shop


Beauty spends her days dreaming of her man to be. She hasn't found the special guy yet but she knows someday he will show up and sweep her off her paws.

Available in my Etsy Shop


Ralph can keep his cool in any situation. He's a brilliant fisherman and enjoys playing skee-ball. Available in my Etsy Shop


Ray can't understand the acent of the other Leftz but he tries hard. He enjoys green grass and malted milk balls. Available in my Etsy Shop


Bo enjoys rotten cabbage and staring at polished rocks. Some say he was great flarvor and spark. Available in my Etsy Shop


Tulip enjoys powdered sugar and blueberry muffins. You can usually find her playing hopscotch in the park. Available in my Etsy Shop


Farrielle Design and Fashionista said...

Awesome I love the first one, but they are all beautiful. Very talented.

ArtTales said...

Thanks so much. I was hoping I would get them back soon. I missed them ;)

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