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Friday, January 8

Stan & Polly


Stan enjoys playing Bingo most nights. When he isn't winning big he likes to settle down for a good nap. Stan is made from corduroy and fleece!

Give Stan a home!


Polly the Cat is a big fan of spring. She can't wait for it to come around! She enjoys rolling in the grass and eating chocolate covered cherries.

By purchasing this Cat you have helped recycle: 20 plastic bags!

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Flowerleaf said...

NoOOOoOoOoo...the cute awesome plush madness!! It has to end, but it can't end - because then I would be sad. It's just too much to handle at times! :-O!!

ArtTales said...

lol they are taking over ;)

Flowerleaf said...

There needs to be hundreds of'd better get crackin'! Mass produce them with your speedy sewin' hands, woman! ;-)

ArtTales said...

lol I'll see what I can do

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