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Tuesday, January 19

Tank: When Cute Goes Creepy

So Tank is my newest plush. I've had a stressful week and though I have several cute and fuzzy plush ready to be sewn, I made Tank. Plush, like art, can be expressive, and I think taking the time tonight to just randomly cut fabric was what I needed.

Tank is made from a variety of fabrics including tweed, burlap, fleece, knit, and cotton. I played with the different stitch settings on my sewing machine and tried what felt right.

His story will vary until I get to know him, but as one point Tank was a wrestler.

Cute has gone creepy for the time being in my studio. I've been too worried about making plush that others would like that I haven't been creating ones that speak to me.

My plush are art and they need to express my ups, my downs, and my silly side.

I hope everyone had a good Monday and that you have found the time to be creative.


kate said...

I like him! He's lovable :) said...

I like him too! He's not creepy; he's AWESOME!

ArtTales said...

Thanks Marie :D he is growing on me now!

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