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Friday, January 15

Thrift Store Finds

Underwood Champion
Purchase Price: $20

Today we decided to visit a thrift shop that is about an hour from us. We hadn't been there in quite a while but we had such a blast. Tucked away behind some dishes, I spied this typewriter. After a quick ribbon fix, it was perfect. It's extremely heavy and is in need of a good cleaning but I love it.

Josh did a quick internet search and found that Underwood is still in business selling ribbons and even restored typewriters. Also they listed a little history about the typewriter and if our model is the right year, it could have been used in the Army.

I love the history and sound of old typewriters and this will make a lovely addition to my studio!


Lady Arwen of the Silver Rose said...

I know I have a manual typewriter in storage. I sure wish I could unbury it and enjoy it again.

ArtTales said...

It's driving me crazy now.. I want to know how old it is! There was a typewriter database online but it's no longer active :( We might be off to the library tomorrow!

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