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Tuesday, January 5

Uh Oh! Where did they go?

Some of you may have noticed that a few of my recent LEFTZ and some of my older ones have disappeared from my shop. I was finally able to choose which ones I would send off to Stuffed Magazine. They are all boxed up and ready to go out tomorrow! If by chance I happen to miss the deadline of February 15th then they will be early for next time ;)

I've been so nervous to send anything that I didn't pick anything at all. Maybe its the fear of possibly not being chosen or that I can't stand to part with any of them. They will be returning them but not soon enough ;)

If anyone is totally heart broken over any of the departing LEFTZ please let me know and I can look through my bins of fabric to see if they can be re-created.


Sleepy King said...

Hehe I've been thinking of what I am going to create for the next issue as well. I put it off until 2 days before the deadline last time and still made it in the mag. :D I think you have plenty of time ;)

ArtTales said...

You made me feel sooooo much better Sleepy thanks! :)

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