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Tuesday, February 2

Fancy Fuzzy

Since I missed last Friday's Fuzzy post here is Figgs to make up for it.

As I sewed together my Baby Frosted Dragon, I realized something. The house was awfully quiet. (Always a bad sign.) Figgs decided that a nap on my newly washed fabric would be too hard to pass up. So for a slight punishment, he received several kisses and a lovely bow tie.


kate said...

Love the bow tie! I wish my cat would sit still long enough to attempt that :)

ticc said...

What a cute picture.

Flowerleaf said...

Awww, that's such a nice pattern for him! :-D Such a cute photo.

ArtTales said...

oh he's mr. photogenic! he knows that if he plays cute he will get major loving from his mama ;)

ArtTales said...

He gets away with way too much because of that face ;)

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