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Tuesday, February 9

Studio Teaser

I've been obsessing over something and as much as I try not to think about it, I do. While my studio was somewhat productive it wasn't entirely functional (nor cute) Several times I would become so frustrated trying to find the perfect fabric in my bins, that I would just give up and do something else. The other problem I was having was my cutting table. It was a great height but the legs prevented anything from being stored underneath it.

I needed something different. So, I figured out a setup in my head. Where I wanted things and what I wanted them to do. I knew I needed storage, but what kind? Open shelves, bins, cabinets? Cabinets seemed like my best bet. They were easy to find and if things do get a little messy I can just close them up.

Off to Lowe's! We looked at pre-built kitchen cabinets, unfinished cabinets, and finally particle board. I couldn't rationalize spending almost 4K on kitchen cabinets, and as much as I loved the oak, we went with particle board. Normally if I'm going to buy something, I spend the money and get something nice so that it doesn't have to be replaced - BUT - we are moving soon and we are unsure of room sizes and space for the new place. Eventually I might replace everything with a high grade of kitchen cabinet, but these will do the job for now.

We played around with the different sizes and styles of Closet Maid cabinets and came up with some great ideas.

Since everything is out of its place at the moment and I wont be able to get my new desk until tomorrow, here is a teaser picture for you.

I was able to incorporate a cute little sitting area. The taller table is my shipping space. The cubes underneath hold all the supplies needed for packaging and it also doubles as a second cutting space. The lovely photos on the wall are from carfarmcreations I was able to pull my favorite goose neck chair out of storage (which has already been overtaken by the cats) The cute little half table was given to me for Christmas a few years back and is from a lovely shop here in town called Five and Divine The colorful aspect of this photo is my new shelving for my cotton fabrics. The shelf is perfect for up to 2 rows deep and 4 rows wide. The cabinet holding the shelving holds any thrift store clothes for future projects.

When everything is setup, organized, and ready to go, I will show the whole workspace and also show you how you can update your studio, even on a small budget.


Holly said...

I'm so jealous...I would give up a foot (take my left one, I never use it anyways, haha) if I could have my own studio....*sigh* :)

Lrc said...

Very welcoming! my 'studio' is all over the apartment and I do have a cabinet yours looks cool and organized!

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