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Sunday, March 14


I thought I would share a picture of how the Large Trout are wrapped for shipping. Each fish comes wrapped in 100% recycled tissue paper, newspaper, and tied with twine for that fresh fish look.


Bethany said...

Aaaaargh! This is just so adorable!!

Virtue Natural said...

Once again, you're one clever girl! Tell us how you got started...I'm dying to hear the story!

ArtTales said...

Thanks Bethany :)

Virtue: Last summer my Mom decided to go through her sewing closet. She got rid of a lot of fabric and I shared it with my husband's aunt. I never really tried to sew before because I could not follow a pattern.

So I played around and cut out shapes and just kept adding things until I was happy. With each plush I try something different and it usually gives me an idea for the next one :)

stacey yacula studio said...

Love the packaging....too cute.

Anonymous said...

wow... your packaging really looks like fish brought from the market LOL! Very nice and very 'esty' ;D

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