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Tuesday, March 2


I received this lovely painting from Flowerleaf with a recent purchase in her shop. There was a little note on the back: "Stan wanted to draw his creator a self-portrait so here it is. It's his first drawing, so he is a bit nervous. He said he loves it here and Landon also gives hugs to the one that made him."

It is absolutely perfect, I plan on framing it with the rest of my art and will hang it in my studio. Thanks Jocelyn!

There are still a few days left to enter my Plush Tribal Giveaway There are several ways to enter and it's an international friendly giveaway :) Entries will be accepted until 11:59 pm (Eastern Standard Time) on March 10th 2010. Winner will be announced March 11th 2010 (Which is my birthday hint hint ;)

-- Please make sure you do -not- post your entries here but under the giveaway post :)


Flowerleaf said...

Awww...if I knew you were going to frame it, I would have made it much nicer, I mean...Stan would have made the presentation much nicer! I am glad you love it though!

Does the bracelet fit okay?

ArtTales said...

It fits perfect :) and Stan is a wonderful artist who shouldn't worry so much ;)

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