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Wednesday, May 19


I chose this Eco Artist because of the creative way
she reuses fabrics. Liz was kind enough to sit down and
answer some fun and insightful questions, so that we can
meet the person behind the art.

Tell us how you start your day.
My day starts with a cup of coffee in bed delivered by my ever-so-sweet hubby. After that I jump start my day by making my hubby's lunch, and cleaning up the downstairs. After my hubby departs, I have my breakfast (usually leftovers from the dinner the night before...) Then I am ready to get to work. We have a game room with a half-bath upstairs and that is my studio. I normally start my work day by following up on emails & making my list of goals for the day.

Where did you grow up and where do you live now?
I grew up in North Dakota. I lived for the first 9 years in a tiny town called Cooperstown, where getting all the way across town took about 3 minutes at 25mph... From there we moved to the Capitol city of Bismarck. In 1995 I decided to leave it all behind and packed up my car and moved to the Dallas, TX area. I lived in Dallas proper for about 7 years and after meeting the man who became my hubby, move to the "burbs".

Tell us about how you got started in your art/craft?
I've always been an artist. My mom was an artist and I traveled the country with her going from art fair to art fair. I think it's in the blood..

What inspires you?
Nature & my hubby. Nature inspires me creatively and my hubby inspires me always to be a better human.

What would your perfect day be like?
A day without allergies, so I could spend the entire day outside.

If you had to choose another medium, what would it be?
Clay. I love tactile art.

How is your art/craft Eco friendly?
I obtain all of my fabrics from thrift stores, estate sales, garage & rummage sales. I also seem to get lots of donations - mostly wool though.

What makes where you live special?
Long HOT summers. I love the heat.

Do you have a studio/workspace outside of your home?
I do not. I work completely in my studio at my house.

What's the one thing you can't live without?

Extra: Tell us a random fact about yourself!
In high school I was a rebel goth chic who liked to ride motorcycles.

Facebook - Lizzie Caye
Twitter - @LizzieCaye
Blog -
etsy -

Liz is also a member of The Recyclers Guild Team, read more about us at


ArtTales said...

Liz made me laugh with her comment at the end.. I too was a rebel goth chic, but I still ride motorcycles ;)

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer these questions! I'm in love with all of your bags but I think the texture of the last one makes it my favorite.

Kittie Beletic said...

Liz! Your pieces are so whimsical and fun! It IS cool to be noticed and interviewed and I bet this is just the beginning. Love your bags! Meow

Where's The said...

Love your stuff Liz!! Thanks for sharing a peak into your life with us!

Ira Mency said...

I love your article on Lizzie and am glad you are featuring someone from our team! Way to go!

islandgirlzjewelry said...

ArtTales - Awesome piece on LizzieCaye! She's one of my favorite recyclers--her bags are truly inspiring!

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