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Tuesday, June 8


This is probably the best card I've ever bought! After some convincing and lots of giggling imeondesign created this gag card for me!

Surprise! You've got crabs!

So in turn, that card inspired this fun treasury. Created by: "imeondesign" Featuring Henry the Plush Hermit Crab


Noemi said...

Wow you made the card look good! lol!!

ArtTales said...

ha! That's because the card -does- look good :p

42 things said...

that's awesome... LOVE that card... so hilarious!

MAB Jewelry said...

Fantastic! I used to work with a lady, and when things were bad in the office (often), I would email her random pictures of. . . crabs!

NeverTooOld said...

That's just soooo funny of a card! Is it OAK?

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