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Friday, June 25


Larry is a baby plush rat. He enjoys warm fires and swiss cheese. He can be found hanging out with his best pal, Luke.

Mort has had a very hard life. The streets have not been kind to this poor rat but he believes that at some point he was loved in another life.

Hardy is a baby plush rat. Has lived on the streets his whole life. He enjoys running along walls and eating scraps.

Penelope is a baby plush rat. She is an orphan and is looking for the perfect home. Her only request, for her new family, is that they like cheese.

Frost is a baby plush rat. Frost used to be a lovely gray rat, but one day he decided that he would venture out into the snow. Poor Frost got stuck in a big snow drift and turned a lovely shade of blue.

These rats are love their new accessories created by


Virtue Natural said...


I love these rats! Would you recommend any of your stuffs 'n fluffs for a 5 year old? I need a gift for my niece's b-day, and I want to go "unique"! :)

PonderandStitch said...

Love the ratties!!! SOooo cute.

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