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Tuesday, June 29


Available July 1st, Stuffed Magazine is filled with over 100 softies - including LEFTZ! Read about my techniques, snatch up some tips, and dive into some Eco friendly goodness.

A huge Thank You goes out to Stampinton & Company for selecting my one-eyed creations!

Included inside the July issue of Stuffed Magazine is Cluck & Eddy.

"Cluck the Chicken is a birdbrain. He forgets everything he is told and spends most days running in circles. Eddy couldn't find his way out of a paper bag let alone his own shell. They make the perfect comedic team."

Also included inside this issue of Stuffed Magazine is my Frosted Dragon, Hop the Kangaroo, and 2 frisky Kittens.

Run, skip, fly, or shimmy to your nearest magazine retailer and pick up your copy! Or you can snag a copy of Stuffed Magazine online


out of the frame said...

congratulations :) I'm looking forward to my copy arriving soon!

ArtTales said...

Everyone's plushies look great! I think this may be the best issue yet.. I'm not biased or anything ;)

baahar said...

Congrats !! Your plushies definitely deserve to be in the spotlight :)

ArtTales said...

Thanks Baahar :))

zeropumpkin said...

yay! :D damn! i can;t wait to see my copy.. Congrats once again!

ArtTales said...

You just need to live closer ;)

Rebecca said...

This is so cool, mary. yay!!! Congrats.

ArtTales said...

Thanks Rebecca :)) We went to Barne's & Noble because someone said it was already out, but we didn't see it. The old issue wasn't out either. But I know for sure it will be there in the AM!

GreenTrunk said...

Congrats! Being published is awesome! I've got to find a copy of Stuffed Magazine!

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