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Friday, July 9


Fuzzy Friday: Interview with Cat owner of raggyrat

Pastel Blue Raggy Rat Boys

Whether you are young or old, we all need something to hug. Cat (raggyrat) grew up in the North West of England, in Lancashire. After some time living in Scotland she settled in Dorset with her husband and a full house of little girls! When I asked Cat about her town, she lovingly described it as "very pretty, it attracts visitors and has lovely clean sea air. Weymouth and Portland Artists get together for open studio events and social activity to help deal with the isolation of crafting from home and studio."

Schmancy Olympic Challenge Opening

With each one of her creations, Cat brings her plush to life by creating what she loves. She uses a variety of materials including, fabric scraps, vintage buttons, and wool socks. Cat started sewing at the early age of 6. She sold a puppy to her teacher around 4 years later. At 16 she started selling hand sewn puppy dogs to her schoolmates and other friends. From there her creations spread all by word of mouth.

Bunny with Music Box

Cat starts her day by getting up very early and have a bit of office time before she gets her little children up. When she gets a free moment, she has a cup of tea and sketches out ideas for the day. She also makes sure that she is up to date with Plush Team news and events. Her inspiration stems from music and singing. It relaxes her and motivates her to create. Flickr is also a treat and a feast for inspiration. Her children amuse and amaze her with their fresh ideas. The Dorset wildlife also plays a big role in her creations. Along with sewing, Cat has a love for art. Though she doesn't get to do it very often, she enjoys coloured pencil drawing.

Wool Sock Elephant

Describing her perfect day, Cat would love to drink hot tea in bed. After reading yet some more wonderful feedback about her work online, she would love to take walk with her children in the nearby woods and eat a tasty lunch outside. Perhaps she would listen to them play, as she does while she sews, or one or two would sit with her and make things too. Dinner with daddy and the girls, maybe a nice cheesy topped lasagna created by Cat, and a movie with hubby after the girls are tucked up in bed.

Cat admits she can't live without her mobile phone. She uses it to take pictures and video of her children when they are out and about.

Random fact about Cat:
"I once helped drive a train home from Southport, Lancs ...
The driver took a shine to me .... I blew the horn where it says 'W' next to the track, and I did it long and loud!
My littlest baby is also called Mary, just like you - I dont know ant other little Marys."

And finally for your enjoyment a Random Silly Question:
How much deeper would the ocean be if sponges didn't grow in it?
"Not much .... but the sponges would look good growing on hillsides and jumped on by children and certain grown ups!"

Flickr: raggyrat
You also have seen Cat's work featured in Stuffed Magazine!
Cat is also a member of the Etsy Plush Team!


Raggy Rat said...

awesome post, thanks mary xxxx

ArtTales said...

You are very welcome! Everyone should check out your Flickr page - you are seriously talented.

susarto said...

love this! and i'd like to jump on hillside sponges :D

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