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Saturday, July 3


Dale the Shark Bitten Penguin is back!

Dale's nervous attitude keeps him from enjoying even the simplest things. He barely made it away from a shark and has the scars to prove it.

Repurposed fleece blankets
Knit shirts
Vintage buttons
Recycled plastic shopping bags



Creations by Juliann said...

Very cute! Though, my favorite is still Ruby the Plush Cat - ( )- shown in your earlier post ♥

ArtTales said...

Thanks Juliann I wasn't too sure about the color combination for Ruby but when I found the button for her eye it seemed to tie it altogether :)

yoborobo said...

Hi Mary! I love your bitten penguin (say that 5 times fast - :). We are in the same copy of Stuffed! How cool is that? Congrats to you, I know I was thrilled when I found out. :) Happy week to you and thank you for stopping by my blog. xo Pam

hdawnparratt said...

so cute!!!! all your stuff is though, i got the cutest monster tags i really need to make something with them, always love looking at your blog :)

ArtTales said...

Yoborobo - that's so awesome! Your plush looks great :D

hd - I want to see them!

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