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Monday, July 12


A new featurette for Mondays!
Managing Monday: All About You

♥ ♥ Lemonade Storm ♥ ♥

1. Mod Spot - Porcelain Mug by shoshonasnow
2. Little Bunny Shoe Shoe - Felted Mary Janes by prettylittle
3. Beach Calm - Fine Art Photography by maryvican
4. The Radiant Complexion - Gift Set by VirtueNatural
5. Breathe - ACEO Mini Print by Lori411
6. Love Pears - Plush Toys by lapomme
7. Well Earned Nap - Print by janmoralesphoto
8. Flapper Doodle - Eye Mask by flapperdoodle
9. Sweets - Fine Art Photograph by alicebgardens
10. Sea Shore Dress - Gathered Tea Stained Dress by RawHemline
11. Air Plant - Medium Sized by tohold
12. Susan G. Komen Moon Bun - Amigurumi Bunny Rabbit by moonscreations
13. Cream & Lilac - Vintage-Style Butterflies by thegildedbee
14. Citronella Soy - Candles by mbell34
15. No Shoes On The Bed - Fine Art Photograph by slgdesigns
16. Obi Dress - Summer Dress by trapperjane
17. Artists' Paint Brushes - Fine Art Photograph by AddieDesigns
18. Soft Pink Magnolia - Fine Art Photograph by gandolphoto
19. Between The Pages - Fine Art Photograph by lucysnowephotography
20. Morning Coffee - Fine Art Photograph by mariterecr
21. Sand Leopard - Upcycled Gadget Sleeve by rockitbot


RawHemline said...

Beautiful !!! I'm a follower now :) xx holly

SimplyMontessori said...

This is such a gorgeous collection!
I'm honored to be included!!!♥
Sharon, AddieDesigns

Michelle said...

Thank you for including my Citronella soy candles!
Beautiful blog!

Mary said...

I loooove this! thank you!

snoweflake farm said...

This is gorgeous..and so is your blog! Lucy Snowe

shoshonasnow said...

Lovely collection, lovely blog! Thanks :)

NeverTooOld said...

Pretty dang kuel!! Love the Lemonade Storm!!

Virtue Natural said...

You sweetiehearts girl! Everything you've featured is seriously gorgeous!

Stephanie said...

What a great collection! So mellow & pretty. Thank you very much for including our pink magnolias. :)

ArtTales said...

Everyone's creations are just breathtaking.. partly why this Monday's post was longer than the others. I've had the weirdest Monday and you guys really saved me ;)

S.L.North said...

thank you so much for including my butterflies in your lovely collection! :):)

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