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Tuesday, July 27


What could be more perfect for me to find than a sewing machine? This one is especially beautiful and was a totally unexpected find. It's in full working order and although I can't find a date in the manual I did a little searching online and it was created in 1953. How much did this beauty set me back? All of $30!

At the same thrift store I found this lovely stack of fabric. The red fur reminds me of Elmo so I might have some problems cutting it up ;) The rest ranges from wool to some really nice 70's style knit.

Finally my husband found this nice hardback book. It's full of bird illustrations. I'm contemplating framing some of the artwork but I'm not sure if I want to destroy the book in the process.

I hope everyone else had a good day :) I'm finally feeling better and have been able to sew a few monsters. Though I've run out of plastic bags, I'm still making shells in the hopes of finding some soon!


42 things said...

that's totally wicked!

I am now going to blog about my awesome old sewing machines :) well not at the moment but soon. You've inspired me!

Lrc said...

I found a 40's era Singer sewing machine for 40 bucks and although I don't use it all the time (hardly ever) I like having it! Its 'portable' and can be packed in its own case. It is a great find for you! I am glad you are feeling better...what was wrong?

ArtTales said...

42things - you totally should! I'd love to see them :))

Lrc - That's great! It was really unexpected and my husband actually saw it before I did. I was looking at vintage suitcases (like I need more of those :p) As for me being sick, I found out that I have an Iron & B12 deficiency. So for about a week I stayed in bed because I didn't have the strength to do anything else. Now I'm just sore from laying in bed all that time :p

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